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Default RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

Its my intention to run the .30 in on the buggy, and see how I like it before butchering it. Going by the way the FF drives with 1/8 buggy wheels, this could well be the car for me. Or it would be if the ebay seller would send me the photos he has promised. Nevermind, Im looking at a lightly used Ofna Ultra PBS instead, hopefully most relevant parts are generic... fingers crossed!

No hardness meter at work! Ive been through the vans, checked all round the workshop, stores, offices, and I cant find it anywhere. The mechanical one that we have isnt working right either, so its on hold til someone gives the working meter back Im afraid. Most annoying - I wanted this up and running with minimal casualties... It is starting to look pretty though with these new bits and whatnot, Ill bung some more pics up when I get them bolted on.