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Default RE: BME 115 is Shipping!!!

Without any knowledge at all, I could easily see some parts from the 115 making it to the "55", should it be produced. With engines in that size currently running from the 50 to 62cc range, I could see the desire to delay for a couple of more cc's to make people "feel" like they had a bigger engine. Especially if the new cylinder was to breath a little better than the old one, or shed heat more efficiently than anybody elses. Then, if I was to be developing a new engine that could share some of the design specs with a smaller engine, why would I want to go with an old design?

If I was looking at a company that developed products from an engineering standpoint, I could see where they would not want to produce an engine that was pretty much the "same ol, same ol", but be a smidge lighter with a couple of more cc's. I would easily understand why they might want to come up with something entirely different to set them apart from the "masses" of the r/c engine manufacturers.

In the meantime I would not be the least bit surprised to see somthing in the 55 to 58cc size that came to market that had a one piece case, a lighter cylinder that shed heat more efficiently than those currently available, and was a lot lighter than all the rest. I really wouldn't. This is all just guesswork, but I do understand how engineers think.