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Default RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

annnnnnd.... I completely forgot.

Took a few bits for comparison.

Hardness readings:

New Funfactor 47T steel spur - 380HB
New Funfactor 44T steel gear - 320HB
Genesis spur 39T - 600HB
Ofna centre diff spur 46T - 500HB
Funfactor heavy duty diff gear 1 - 580HB
Funfactor stock 13T diff gear - 400HB

Here are the readings pasted in from the last time I took some bits in.

Cen Genesis Spur Gear (43t) - 540
Cen FF Heavy Duty Diff Gear (43t) - 600
Cen Genesis Pinion (21t) - 340
Cen FF CVD (Outer part) - 520

Ofna Ultra 2 speed Pinion (15t) - 500
Ofna Hyper 10 Pinion (15t) - 400

Stock Tmaxx CVD (outer steel part - not the plastic part!) - 400

So, if I can get the one way bearing out (and back in again) I will try to get the Funfactor spurs treated so they are as hard as the Genesis spurs, and run them on the HPI 11/14 bells which are yet to arrive.

And yes I know it looks like a load of nonsense and overkill, but if you had spent as much as me on spurs and pinions... jesus, it doesnt bare thinking about.