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Default GP Viper 500 - flight report

Not really an extreme plane, but fast.
Return to old love. It's my second one. With the first one I made a mid-air.

OS.46 FX, 20% nitro.
APC 9X7 - not enough thrust. Can't go faster than 87mph/h on straight line (15 900 rpm/ground). But the engine sound was awesome.
APC 9X8 - not better
APC 10X7 and 10X8 - too much thrust. slower but cool.

APC 9.5X6 - my better match. 105mph straight line . Very good vertical, impressive acceleration.

Today, I will try it with 9.5X7 on 30% nitro.

Another think. I use V-Tail mixing on my transmitter, and I install a micro servo to the tail with a small tail wheel to control the plane on runway. Not my better Hop-up idea. In the air when I apply Up or down elevator, the tail wheel is moving right or left. It comes from the V-Tail mixing (elevator/rudder) channel. The tail wheel acts like a small rudder! The plane flys like an un-trim plane. Not a big deal, but when I came out from a big dive at 10 feet over the runway, I becomes visible!
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