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Default RE: Junk Room Desk - Current State... Pics now...

Aye, we are on the same wavelength re the pinion hardness mate.

As for the quenching... I wanted the 1 way bearing out of the 1st gear spur before getting the oxy-acetylene torch on it, but the bearing wont budge. The outer casing started to deform, so I gave up on that. The mechanical testing guy is a right miserable old soul, cant be bothered with a silly toy cars gears... so Ive pretty much given up with him too.

What do you reckon about the one way? Can it take the heat (5-600 degrees C Ive been told)... I have serious reservations about that myself. Its a little stiff already from the case deformation...

Forgot - Ill use the Cen 14/17 steel pinions for now, I cant see them harming the spurs. Im just sick of the truck taking up room all over my desk... oh and this .30 really does need striking up!

Ofna fuel tank arrived - it fits great and is big enough to run a single tank setup too. Pics will come no doubt.

Im away for this bank holiday weekend - Someone has to go to these big music festivals (raves) I suppose. Dont expect much sense out of me for a good few days after I get back...