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Default RE: European Championships for the complete list. No team list yet, but it doesn't take much to find out (provided I punched in the right numbers in my calculator...):
1. FRA 8680.97
2. LIE 8451.56
3. AUT 8359.8
4. ITA 8307.90

It looks to me that:
- the duel is between CPLR and RM, others are quite a bit behind these two. These two are stellar, no other word to describe them. I *wish* I'd once have a score sheet that looked at least partly like one of those...
- Austria is going very strong as a team, as is Italy (not necessarily to be expected)
- IMHO Germany and Switzerland with good results but not so good as they might have expected, especially Germany
- The Matt's are fantastic, as are the *PLR brothers.

Will be there on saturday (no friday) and hopefully report from the "battlefield"... Now where did I leave my rubber boots...