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Default RE: Building the Mick Reeves Hawker Hunter

Well, Gordon pretty much summed it up but I thought I would add a few things.
I have watched the progress of this plane for the last 4 years, and have seen Gordon spend countless hours building and rebuilding (he's kind of a perfectionist if you havent realized it already), so when it came the day that he asked me to test fly his plane I knew that it would be built as good as it could be. The first flight being a bit tail heavy (not bad bad, but not correct) the plane came in for landing with a decent amont of nose up attitude, but when we added noseweight for the next flight I was pleasantly suprised to find that the AOA on landing was the same, this makes for easy landings when you dont have to really work to get the nose up to slow it down. I used a bit more throttle then needed to control my decent, and the plane just floated on by and landed about 100ft longer then where I was aiming....I was sort of stand off-ish to get it really slow because of it being the maiden, and will not hesitate to let it hang in any future flights. The presence in the air on this bird has to be seen in person to get the real effect, and we all stood there during the flights saying "WOW, this thing looks incredible in the air".
All in all, Gordon did a great job building this kit and I am very happy that he was rewarded from a succesfull day at the field. Congratulations Gordon, thanks for giving me the honors bud......Sorry about you having to sleep in the Van outside our hotel room!
Cant wait to see it in the air again,