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Default RE: Building the Mick Reeves Hawker Hunter

Cheers Colin - I look forward to seeing the next installment of your review, to see pics of the painted model. Hope you got the decals working OK now.

Yup - I'll try to get more flying shots next time ... will see if some of my buddies with expensive cameras will come along. (Mine are cheapos).

As for suffering the weather - it's a tough job mate, but somebody's gotta do it Come out and share the hardship with us, if you like !

Actually, the weather just about knackered me that day. It wasn't the warmest day ever, by any means - just about 102 degrees, but it was humid, and I got so focussed on all the prep work on the model that I didn't notice how much sun I was getting. I had a 10ft x 12ft EZ-up shade, but given the size of the Hunter, and the other models I had under the shade, I was actually working out in the sun much more than I realised. Started getting a bit light-headed each time I stood up, and only when I realised that I'd drunk 11 cans of soda and 3 litres of water without any of it coming out as anything other than sweat, did I realise I was seriously dehydrated. Fortunately, one of our group is in beer sales, so he was able to rehydrate me after the flying and driving was done for the day. ;-)