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Default RE: Advice for an oldie newbie

In my opinion, you are thinking yourself capable of everything and anything. I drummed up $30 and took a night school course at local high school few years ago. There 'least you can ask a question to instructor, instead of looking up proper term in the index.

"How do I......."

You may begin sitting in the stuffed classroom with a bunch of 17 year olds who indicate they know everything. But, if they do, how come at end of semester YOU are still attending the evening classes, and they dropped out two months before?

Problem with school instruction is they tend to point the instruction the direction of what the instructor uses as a basis for past emplyment. Thus if he was once an architect, the class flows along using architectural terms. You have to understand how to apply those terms into what you want to use it for. Once you get going a couple weeks, they then explain how to set up the whole drawing for visual representation purposes, so that the result isn't just a bunch of skinny lines with basic text.

Ain't nothing like personal instruction.