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Default RE: New Hanger 9 p-51 mustang **Trainer?!?**

ORIGINAL: omyc25

hi everybody, i had a some questions for you guys. I'm kind of new to this hobby all I have is an electric 2ch airplane but I'm ready to step it up quite a bit and I'm trying to decide what trainer i should buy. I'm going to buy an airplane in the next two weeks and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should buy the mustang P51 pts or the nexstar. I personally like the mustang but Ive heard mixed opinions on which is a better trainer and which is more reliable. what do you guys think?

My 2 Cents worth:
The PTS is a neat plane and I love it. However, I would buy it in ARF form then purchase a 52 size motor, and a computer radio. The reasons are simple, the 52 will give you more power and therefore speed, the radio (either 6 or 7 channel) will give you room to grow. I regret my radio which came with the RTF versino is only 5 channels, I know want to have a plane with retracts and flaps but cannot with this 5 channel radio. It also doesn't have any mixing capabilities such as flaparons. You may also consider a mustang from Nitro Models, the 50 size comes with retracts already !!! Finally, I would sugest asking if any clubs you may be considering joining have trainers you can use already. Some clubs will let you train on them at no cost. The nexstar is definately easier to fly then the PTS with what ever configuration you have, but it gets boring ( I have a nexstar too). As so many have said, you have to have an instructor, at least for the first 20 or so minutes of flying, otherwise you will probably crash. Your experience with the electric will be a good asset.