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Default RE: New Hanger 9 p-51 mustang **Trainer?!?**

It's important to remember that a lot of people starting out, do not have the aid or where-with-all to handle engine tuning, let alone putting together an ARF in any form.

The PTS is an EXCELLENT first plane for those who want a trainer, are prone to progress quickly, and are reluctant to purchase anything that looks like a rudimentary Cessna.

IMHO the best package out there in the Cessna type trainer class is the Hobbico Nexstar, simply for what it includes for the price... e.g. Realflight (A REAL sim for a change), a decent engine and plane, the AVS system but a somewhat LOUSY TX.

The PTS is the next step up, however it provides a lousy simulator, but improves everything else (minus the self righting electronics)... The radio is GREAT compared to other 4 channel offerings and does support two models.

Yeah, the TX is no where near as good as a 7+ channel computer controlled model, but you'll have a tough time convincing a newbie to drop over 300.00+ on just a radio.

I don't know how many times I've try to get a novice not to make the same mistakes, but they cannot rationalize a good radio set until they are hooked into the hobby.

The PTS gets them in the door with something that they will not regret having, nor feel like selling simply because they are over the training period.

Yeah an ARF version -IS- better, BUT that newbie eyeing the PTS is more likely to go with something inferior if the advantages of the ARF version is pushed their way...

So the ARF advice is spot on, but wrong for the majority of newbies as they simply will not do it.