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Default RE: Can I Have an official Mammoth ST thread?

if your gonna race, get a buggy dude.
dont get the dadders braces, i say make your own lol. heck i could make one with sticks from my backyard [&:] i think mammoth parts are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY^100th power badly priced and expensive. for the price of aluminum hinge pin retainers, you could easily get 4 gallons of fuel, or even more. for the price of braces, you can get 20 glow plugs, lasting you the life of the truck. just get another car with good aftermarket support, or one that is so good it doesnt need A/M support (ehemm..turmoil...ehemm). check out sportwerks RTRs, for the price you would spend for a hopped up mammoth, you can get a RTR filled with insanely sweet features, and also a really good/reliable FM radio. amen