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Default RE: Can I Have an official Mammoth ST thread?

A lot of the problems I've had have been from noob errors, and of course, BAMF and Aznbasher are gonna recommend what they have because they have it and think it's the best. Truthfully, they've been bashing on me for having XTM since I got the truck, while it was the only one I could afford at the time. Look at My Models, the thing has come a long way with ugprades that still need to be put on, it's not the best truggy on the market, but it can be made into a decent racing vehicle. I really like the custom upgrade options for the ST, and I think that it's a pretty good truck for the money. I completely agree with Bhouse on the flaws in our trucks, we can only blame one person, US. And if you check out my review, you'll see that I admit it. I say to get whatever you feel is right, you're gonna get different opinions from each person. I would get the ST if you really want something to go crazy and upgrade, but the parts support really isn't there. I don't really have any problems parts wise, because I can't get to the LHS till the weekend anyway. IMO 300 is a pretty tight budget to buy a nitro, but it can be done. Also, the Mammoth ST is 370 right now on Hobbypeople. Overall, do what you think is right, you can go with the Mammoth ST and join XTM, or you can go and join another company's novelty. My opinion is do what you think is right for you, just research the truck before you buy it through organized reviews, etc. Good luck and have fun!