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Default RE: New Hanger 9 p-51 mustang **Trainer?!?**

HI I have been flowing this rag sence day one and really think it is a good one. I am a newbie and got my 51 for Xmas last year and to day I am excited and wanted to pass on to all of the newbies out there it does fly great and easy if all the flaps and stuff is left on as directed it will fly fine for you and will be able to fly it. Yep to day I was so excited when I decided to hang up my elect planes and fly the gas from now on tell I can fly it right. So to day with every one saying I need a instructor and it isn't a trainer, I took the P51 for a Solo flite. It worked fine and ran great and is easier I think then some of the elect cause it has power to spare. Now those who said (my instructor who quit on me after three lessons and we took it in to the wheat field and said he was not training me on it any more until I get a trainer) May just have to grow up and smell the roses. I used as they instructed all the training aids and did use flaps on take off and flew with flaps on and will do so for a while. It is very slow that way and easy to fly. Not scary fast like I was being trained. My landing wasn't picture perfect but nothing broke and will fly again. Now that I know what to expect from landing I can do better next time. there was about a 5 mph wind blowing. Just to excited to not pass it on. Now to run a few gallons threw it before winter. Bird Dog