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Default RE: Adjusting Blade CP to use Futaba 9C

I wanna buy a 9C for my BCPP. Does anybody know what are the advantages of the Futaba 9C helicopter version against the 9C airplane version? I know they both have airplane, heli and glider mode. I also know that the 9C heli has a non ratchted throtle stick but is that all the difference? The 9C airplane is 50 bucks cheaper so I dont know if I am missing something else. Is it worth to pay extra for the heli version? I also know you can add fuel tube to the ratcheted throtle and make it smooth, does the heli version has a throtle stick with a better feel? I know I sound cheap but with 50 bucks i can get an extra set of Lipos and blades.
One more question: if I am buying a new radio and I pick the same frequency my BCCP receiver has, would this work and I dont need to buy a separate crystal? or...is it possible to take the crystal that comes in the Futaba 9C Receiver and put it in the BCCP receiver? would this work?

Thanks a lot!!!!