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Default RE: New Hanger 9 p-51 mustang **Trainer?!?**

I would say the most essential tools to have would be, fuel, fuel pump, extra prop(I would just get a 2-blade 11x7 prop to replace the 3-blade if you happen to break it) crescent wrench to change prop, set of allen wrenches to remove nose cone (spinner) and a couple phillips screw drivers to check landing gear hold down tabs. Chech the gear after every landing as they will loosen up. Put a few drops of thin CA in each hole prior to going out as this will help keep them in place. Also remember that if you have to replace the glowplug be sure you get a 4-stroke plug as this motor does not use 2-stroke plugs, OS Type "F" for example.

The volt meter you can get at radio shack or walmart but not sure about the tach. Tach isn't as important though so don't worry if you can't find one right away. You will be able to tell easy enough when you are tunning when you are at max rpm. I flew for about 3-4 months before I ever got one and still rarely use it. Other than that, just some sunblock or a coat and some cool shades. [8D]

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Oh yeah, don't forget your radio and trainer cord like I did my first few times out..