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Default anyone have 41/37 spurs on the RS4?

Is anyone out there running the 19/23 pinions with the 41/37 spurs on the RS4?

My car has been sitting for months since the summer brought on more things to do that RC stuff. Getting back into the car now. I'm running an OS .18 CV-R with red pinions and just mounted up 41/37 spurs. The stock slotting in the chassis doesn't allow the motor to be adjusted close enough to get proper mesh with the spurs. I designed up some motor mounts that seem like they will work. A friend of mine machined one and we are waiting to do the other. Had to modify it since there is a flange on the motors crankshaft that interfered with the first mount.

I'm also designing up a new chassis and upper deck all to be aluminum but will have enough just ability to make it work with stock mounts. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has done this and see what their solution was? I'm sure someone makes these types of motor mounts already.

Here is the right side mount that works. It will be machined down more to save weight but it works.