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Default RE: Return of Lunchbox..

hey, i was looking at the website for Conrad Electric...just browsing and i came across this
[link=http://www1.int.conrad.com/scripts/wgate/zcop_in/~flN0YXRlPTEzNjc5MzI4MDM=?~template=PCAT_AREA_S_BR OWSE&glb_user_js=Y&shop=A_B2C_IN&p_init_ipc=X&~cookies=1]http://www1.int.conrad.com/scripts/wgate/zcop_in/~flN0YXRlPTEzNjc5MzI4MDM=?~template=PCAT_AREA_S_BR OWSE&glb_user_js=Y&shop=A_B2C_IN&p_init_ipc=X&~cookies=1[/link]

i am well aware that many things in the world are mass produced, rebranded, and sold elsewhere under different labels. that said, this is the stock skyion radio that comes with the CEN Magnum NX truck. the only reason i know is that i was looking at buying one off ebay before i got the controller i ended up getting. you said you hadn't bought one yet, so you might consider this one...especially if you plan on getting other cars/trucks later because this has a 10-model memory. mine only has 2 at any rate, if you want more info on it you can go to CEN's website and check it out. i poked around before and found the manual for it. if you're really interested, let me know and i could email it to you.


as far as servos go, and at the risk of criticising without offering much as an alternative, i'd say that you could do better than the futaba s3305 servo. 120oz of torque is overkill and .20 sec speed is slow. i think you could find a servo with less torque (still close to 100oz) but that goes around .15 seconds. bluebird makes one with 144oz @ .13 seconds and it's less than the futaba. granted, it doesn't come from tower and i've never had one, but i'm strongly considering getting it for my revo and trying to go with a single servo. at any rate, just thought i'd throw that out there, too. i don't know if ebay has a website that works for finland (although i know i see a lot of UK stuff on the US site) but you might check there for the radio equipment.

here is a link to the bluebird info:

that's just my two cents. i know lunchboxer likes the futaba servos and has had great luck with them. but had i not gotten a servo with my controller, i would have taken a long look at the bluebird servos.

the ******* link won't work. here is the part number: 231457 - I5 it is titled a 2CH RC 27mhz, am pistol type. brand: modelcraft. i found it under the pistol grip radio control systems. comes with receiver, too. you can see "skyion" on the receiver. ok i'm done.