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Default RE: GSP Giles 202

Hi Bob
Nice planes,what does the 33% Yak weigh ?,No problem on the colors schemes,,their is no hardware in the giles,,and be sure to check the canopy ,,I had two that where paper thin on one side and really thick on the other,,GSP was happy to replace and had it in a few days,,no problem..I used to run all JR servos but they got to chattering BAD,,I would send them in and they said they couldnt find anything wrong ,Put them back in and they chatter ,,I replaced them with Hi tech and no more problems..I use 5695's on everything except the elevators and have been using the 5995's ,one on each half ,not problems ( yet ),,lol
Keep me posted on your progress,,Oh and on the wing bolts they use a big phillips machine screw,was a pain to get to so I screwed a plastic wing nut on back wards ( wing faceing the head of the bolt ) the bolts are metric and I used a standard SAE wing nut ,once it;s on it therer for good makes it easy to bolt the wing on now..
Talk about rambling ,, lol,,
Very nice web sight by the way you fly out to wards Laufflin....