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ORIGINAL: broncojd
with the battery, so you're trying to make sure you don't get any wheelies, huh? i'm interested to see how it turns out!
Actually the 4AA pack just fitted in the front so nicely, the middle part is a bit crammed, no flat surfaces to mount the batteryback on. I haven't run the car outdoors yet, but even with the pack in the front, it did wheelie on full throttle (from full stop), so I guess I still get my share of it (hopefully the weight will keep the car from flipping over though).

Grease - I did myself start off with bicycle grease I got, put it in instead of the Tamiyas stuff, but then when I (after closing the gearbox) tried to roll the differential, it felt so sticky that I removed most of it, and applied a layer of the Tamiya grease instead. Now when I've seen how strong the motor is, I guess the earlier stuff wouldn't have caused any problems (being overcautious I guess ), so I might add up some of that thicker stuff later on. Does yours sound dry (squeeling (is that a word?)) when you run it freely in the air, or is the sound pretty quiet and soft?