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Default RE: futaba plane battery charge time

I know I'v said it probably every post, but thank you all!!! You guys are very helpful.

I found out my battery was too old to take a charge after it would'nt take a charge from the charging plug off the ON/OFF switch. As a last attempt I tried to unplug it from my ON/OFF switch and it wouldn't come out. I kept trying until it was snapped in half, half the plug in the ON/OFF connector, and the other half as the plug. I went to my local hobby shop yesterday and got a battery that is now charged, and a new ON/OFF switch. I still can't get anything to work! I give the plane and transmitter power, test it, and nothing.[&o] I was wondering, is it ok to stick a crystal into a receiver if it doesn't match the crystal number sticker on the back of the receiver? And just have matching crystals for the transmitter and receiver, almost like ignoring the sticker on the back of the receiver? Sorry if I lost anyone.