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Default RE: The best power panel made ?

I built that box. I found it to be better suited as a wheel chock, just too big. I made my own power panel with some wood and female banana plugs. Frankly, I never use a power panel. I find the to be cumbersome and inefficient at best.

Now I just have a duffel bag with some small divided storage boxes for small items, some fuel, tools, parts, 4 glow starters, (2 rechargeable and 2 alky for back-up), and a cordless electric starter....DONE! I charge at the field, if needed, in my truck...I always carry 2 chargers and a power inverter.

My guess is that box, no matter how perfect, will end up on your workbench as a tool box. It's just too big to cart around. Add a gallon of fuel, a battery, a starter motor some tools and parts and it will weigh over 50 pounds. I LOVE that box, but a good stiff-sided duffel, (the kind that salesman use to keep paperwork in), is better for my needs.