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Default GSP Sukhoi very tail heavy. HELP!!!

In assembling a 80" Sukhoi, the CG is supposed to be at approx 4.5" behind the LE. It balances at about 7" back. Approximately 5 pounds of lead is required in the nose for balance.

That is CRAZY.

Servos go in the tail - they are counter sunk in the horiz stab. would be difficult to move. could do a pull pull on the rudder, but that would only gain me a few oz.

Moving the wing back would be a major undertaking.

I have a lightweight 40cc gasser in there right now.

The AUW is supposed to be at 15 pounds. It is currently at 15 pounds. Adding that much weight would suck.

Any suggestions?

Fuse is fiberglass, vert stab is fiberglass and hollow. I would need to remove about a pound of weight from the tail.

These calcs are for 25% MAC.

Anyone else have this plane?