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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

It's no secret that there was an Electric Edge 540 prototype taken to a fly-in by Chris... and likely at lest one of the new electric designs coming from the "e-factory".

It's true that Chis' dedicated factory has dealt with it's own delays in tooling up.... laser cutters, glasswork, etc has taken more time to put in place than expected. And exactly why he hasn't announced any planes to this point. When he know's he has them coming... he'll announce.

Still, there are indeed new planes coming. He mentioned in a recent e-mail to me "Lots of new plane to test fly" meaning that there are planes BEYOND those that are "in the can and ready for mass production.

I'm hoping we'll see something new by the end of the year or shortly thereafter in time to build for spring.

Hey it's all good whatever models they are... based on some video of a prototype I saw, it's got everything the 87" Yak had and then some.

Awesome things coming guys... count on it.