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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Nope... it's a matter of semantics and personal opinon.

It doesn't really matter... all that stuff is water under the bridge.

The real reason Chris does not annoucne his planes is that he has learned through hard experience that "counting your chickens" can cause you grief.

When he is sure the planes are "comin'" and close enough to keep even the most impatient buyer at rest... he'll announce em.

No more 2 year waits on announced planes. Or ficticious 55cc engines that wasn't annoucend ONCE but TWICE and missed both dates by months and years...

I personally think it's a good way of doing business... and I've enjoyed the conjecture of "what the planes will be".

As I said before... I don't recall anyone saying "What's so-and-so's next plane gonna be"... but EF has MANY people bubbling with anticipation... and that says alot.