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Default RE: TF P-40 Build Thread

I'm not to thrilled with the linkage to the tail either and putting the servo trey where they have it on the plans is just putting allot of weight where it does not need to be. I am moving my servo's forward because I will be running a light motor. The p-40 is a bigger plane than the Corsair; and, therefore will most likely weigh a little more, set up the same. I agree that flaps will are the way to go, but I'm leaving them off for simplicities sake. My plane should be about as lite as you can make it, without getting to crazy. If it was me, I would skip RCV motor, and go with a big 4 stroke which will swing a good sized three blade prop without having to do all the work to get that motor installed and cooled properly. A saito 150/180 will bolt right in and swing 15/8 3 blade prop. Those Sierra retracts are the way to go, but do weigh twice as much as a set of Robarts so keep that in mind in you all up weight. Not having a huge budget for this hobby; its hard for me to justify spending $300 to watch the wheels go up and down, so I'm leaving the retracts off of my plane and putting my money into another Saito. Don't make those gear attach points to strong. I would rather tear the gear out of the wing then rip the wing in two if you know what I mean.