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Default RE: TF P-40 Build Thread

Originally, I was planning on using an RCV 90-SP that I already own. But [email protected] got me thinking more about weight. With the RCV and the Sierra retracts I think the final weight would be close to 11.5 lbs. The RCV 90 could probably fly it, but it would be underpowered. Then I found out that the LHS that I don't normally go to is having a big sale on everything. So if I need to buy a new engine, I should to do it now.

So I've been doing some research and number crunching for the past couple days. I narrowed my choices down to an RCV 120-SP, YS 110-FZ, and the Saito FA-125. With the RCV, I gain half a pound, I don't get as much power as the Saito or the YS, and it would be difficult to cool. The extra power of the YS is only available if you got good ears, hands and experience to dial it in. I also hear that it's more difficult and expensive to service the YS. With the Saito, I can actually drop half a pound. It also get's rave reviews from club members and the LHS owner is a big Saito fan. So I chose the Saito.

Attached is a pic of the shiny new engine.

BTW... I'm a big fan of the RCV SP engines. I actually feel disloyal that I can't use it. Turning a big, almost-scale size prop is really cool. The P-40 just isn't the right applicaiton for them. Too bad. I also like their CD style engines. I wish RCV had their new 130-CD available now.


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