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Default RE: TF P-40 Build Thread

You can see one of my TF P-40's in my gallery here on RCU. She's from a Red Box kit. Personally, I think the Red Box P-40's fly better than the gold edition version, espescially when landing and taking off. Make sure to put plenty of "Wash Out" in the wing tips. This will help diminish the dreaded "Tip Stall" tendencies. Good Luck. BTW, I've been married to the same Gal for 33 Years and I wouldn't trade her for the world. Best of luck to the two of you. Get her on a Buddy Box and teach her to fly so she can share your hobby with you. Two 1/5th TF P-51D Mustangs total price of $700.00, Two G-62 gas guzzlers total price of $650.00, a young newlywed couple to fly them together....Priceless! Good luck.

Note: Ball park guestimates,