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Default RE: TF P-40 Build Thread

My wife is great. She fully supports my hobby, but unfortunately she has absolutely no desire to get into it herself. She'd rather go shopping.

I actually blame her for getting me addicted to this hobby. Back when I she was in school full-time, I would drive 1.5 hours to visit her every weekend. Being in a demanding program, she didn't have time to entertain me all weekend. After getting sick of watching TV all weekend, week after week, I thought to myself "What should I do now? I've always wanted to get into RC airplanes." A visit to the hobby shop followed by a visit to the local club's field got me fully hooked. I was putting together an LT-40 ARF trainer in her living room on the following weekend.

Anyways, back to the build...

1) I've been busy oogling over the new engine and reading all that I can about it. It's on a test stand now and it has one tank (20 minutes) on it. No problems so far.

2) The wheel wells are shaped and glued in. Servo extensions for flaps and ailerons are in. Air lines for the retracts are in. The wings are ready for sheeting. The 1/16" sheets that came with the kit are very badly warped that I don't want to use them. I couldn't make it to the hobby shop until last weekend to get replacements.

I have pictures, but I have to wait until later to post.