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Default RE: TF P-40 Build Thread

I recently finished my P-40 as my first proper warbird, I found that people get all worked up over fiberglassing. To thin or not to thin, types of cloth, overlaps, two coats or one....blah blah blah...

It had me so worked up soaking up all this information and I couldn't decide what to do. In the end I figured I would follow one person's procedure and stick to it figuring that they had good results and had been so proud of their results that they wrote a webpage on how to do it. So I waded in and enjoyed it from the first lay-up. I never looked back and enjoyed the entire process. It really is a simple, but it seems to get exagerated in difficulty. The worst issue is simply the mess underneath the model from dripped resins...but that's what drop sheets are for!