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Default RE: GSP Giles 202

Hi Fred,
I got my giles today..and WOW what a plane...I had really no damage in shipping (whew) and noticed some minor cracks in the sheeting on the wings and turtle deck. The instructions from website is quite lacking but understandable..still
a little comfused about that steel rod affair in rear. I also see that vert stab just inserts into some crappy foam with those two extrenders..don't seem very secure..and I know you mentioned you modded..If you could elaborate on that I would appreciate that. The side of my fuselage had some part separating from the formers..which i will re-glue. The aluminun landing gear I got seem quite is wide, but not very tall..and I noticed in your picture of the orange/white Giles, your plane seems tall, did you use another gear or composite?

Here is a short list of some questions I have..and hopefully I not burdening you too much.

1. The motor box looks good..should I pin still and/or wrap heavy duty fiberglass cloth?
2. That clear canopy seems a might hard to fit right inside the do I glue that inside, do i cut lightening holes from bottom to get to?
3. I see you opted for pull-pull instead of using rear mounted rudder servos. Did you have problems then making CG right?
4. Did you mount elevator servos in stab or side of fuselage? I'm also using just 1- 8611 or 1-5955 per elevator..will that be enough?
5. Did you beef up the landing gear block/area...seems it could stand some.

thanks for your help and I'm sure I will dig up some more questions as I go along..and thanks again..