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Default RE: GSP Giles 202

The motor box looks good..should I pin still and/or wrap heavy duty fiberglass cloth?
2. That clear canopy seems a might hard to fit right inside the do I glue that inside, do i cut lightening holes from bottom to get to?
3. I see you opted for pull-pull instead of using rear mounted rudder servos. Did you have problems then making CG right?
4. Did you mount elevator servos in stab or side of fuselage? I'm also using just 1- 8611 or 1-5955 per elevator..will that be enough?
5. Did you beef up the landing gear block/area...seems it could stand some.
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Hey Glad you got it , Nope I don't mind helping out ,,I just hope I can save you some headaches..
so here we go..............
1. Yes pin the fire wall and add epoxy to all the joints,,but as for Fiberglass I have not need it
2. The canopy is a pain in the arf..I cut all the lightning holes to save weight ,and it makes it easyer to glue the canopy in
I used Gorilla glue and sticks cut to the width of the cockpit area that fit snug to press or push it to the sides,once that had dried .you will see a big gap in front of the canopy on the cockpit floor I used gorilla glue and water to fill it and it is still going good ,,
3. With the pull pull it balanced right on the wig tube and fly's better on that CG than theres...
4. I mounted 1 per side 5955 in the stab,and so far I have not had any blow back I fly some 3d and Intermediate IMAC
5. I changed out the screws with 6/32 socket head bolts and lock nuts,,but didnt re glue anything,,we fly from a grass field and so far it has held up well,,Yes I did use a composite gear from but I cant recommend it ,,for the Giles..Why ?? the layup system he used the glue is too soft and any temp above 95 they get REAL soft and twist, you can twist them back and put a wet towel on it and will hold its shape till it gets hot again,,I have to admit though the guy really tried to work with me he sent me another to replace the first and we had lots of emails conversations about it but really never got it fixed ,, Oh they sent the wrong gear with this one the sent a 33% edge gear. Mine is 12" tall and 33" wide.
6. Do the mod on the stabs and toss the rod an caller deal on the tail.
Well I hope this get you going ..and don't hesitate to ask questions..
Have a great day