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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Did you get a chance to verify quality and workmanship on the 87' from Ultra RC?

If this is the only way I can get my hands of the EF Yak design, I'll get one and recover the top in blue...


I knew this was coming...

These are indeed from the same factory... and not just that but I believe identical in every way to the 87" designs released by Extreme Flight. The 107" can only be surmised as the very same that Chris had been working on prior to dicontinuing work with the factory. His reasons were that the factory was beginning to slip in quality (remember the stab tube alignment on the 87", Quique's 102"wing failures and need for Gen2 to relieve quality issues, EF Yak 55SP's being warped and nearly impossible to fix) Chris chose to search for manufacturers who were willing to work within his stringent guidelines... so he might release simply the highest quality product he could... and is in the process of doing just that... case in point are the awesome Extra and Yak electrics... simply superb quality.

Chris is back from overseas and is in the process of getting "some projects" together for video, pictures and announcement. 2007 will be the year of new gassers from Extreme Flight... and everyone WILLl be pleased.

Now back to these Ultra RC yaks... Chris is aware that these have been "reintroduced" and while he's not happy about it (who would)... he's pretty much stated that he's already been down that road and there's nothing that can really be done so far as copyrights, etc. He remains focused on bringing new and better designs to market. I am sure to some degree he's somewhat comforted that existing 87" owners have a source for spare parts... which Ultra RC is offering...

As far as quality of these new shipments? Well we'll see... I'll be the first to admit I have one of each size coming. I really loved my Original EF 87" Yak... and had a second one coming... so I sold mine to get top dollar and ended up they didn't make it to market through EF.

So in a small way I am glad I was able to replace my beloved 87". In that very same vein... the mere rumor of the 107" had me tingling with excitement... And EF has said that there WILL be a 100cc Yak in EF's future... and you can bet I'll have one. But til then I feel lucky to have another of Chris' designs.

Knowing what new designs are coming from EF, I have no doubts that the availbility of these Yaks won't hurt him in the least...

The way I see it.. if you have a somewhat limited budget... you might want to wait a couple weeks for Chris' announcements before making a buying decision... but if you have money for a few planes this year and next... and missed out on the Original EF Yak release... this is a viable option.

Everyone knows I have been and remain a staunch supporter of EF... and for good reason... his stuff ROCKS. If this was an issue of Chris having the "Original" for sale, and these were "seconds"... (or even first rate firsts) I would ONLY buy them from Chris...

I'm hoping that this can be water under the bridge as noone really benefited from the mess that happened last time... everyone got drug through the mud and noone came out unsullied, the parties involved, the people taking sides nor the hobby in general.

Now my disclaimer: These are my own opinions... and do not necessarily reflect those of Extreme Flight or Ultra RC.