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I tryed the last one from dans workshop but found the dropping bar didn't always give enough control to make the wire go where I wanted it to so I have 2 1x3" dowels with a little hole in the center that I use to manover the wire around my templates. I got the controller from aircraft spruce.com they sell the transformer and switch for about $45. and I mounted them in a $6 project box from radio shack. a 25' extension cord was chopped up and a pair of aligator clips added. No big deal cutting just keep the wire on the same spot on both sides and keep the fan blow'n the smoke out the room. It is best to have a helper on long cuts you can make marks along the templates and number them 1,2,3 etc and call the number out to your helper so he or she can keep up or slow down. comming off the shorter template before the longer one can completely distroy the shape. cut a few test pieces before you attempt your A/C parts. Lowes sells a white board that works great for templates it is 1/8th and painted white on one side and can chip if you drop it so be careful. Heres my first attempt at hotwiring, well at least after scrapping a few pieces. The fuse core is cut in a left and right half from the same templates just flipped over.
I use finishing nails to hold them in place and both templates got drilled in the same location so I could hold them together and final sand them to shape together.

Good luck,
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