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Default RE: Azzman's CEN (and other RC) Experiences

Azzman... I had a nice long reply to your story as mine was very similar, but the site was undergoing updates and lost the info.... I started out with electrics and progressed to the MT2 as my first nitro.... I have a gs sut truggy and the thing is great... I also picked up an old kyosho burns buggy and I can't say enough how fun it is... But for the real fun... Try 1/5 scale.. I picked up an HPI Baja 5B about two months ago and it makes all others seem like toys... Faster than the nitro trucks and ten times more durable... Diff cups... what are they.. used axles and CVD's the size of tree trunks... Haven't broken anything even after a full speed colision into another 1/5 FG Truck... both bounced off each other.... I won't sell off the cen and the gs as well as the buggy, but for now, they are collecting alot of dust... The Baja is just toooooo much fun... lasly.. upgrade parts are cheaper than any nitro I've seen... that is if you really need them.... Maybe someday Cen will make a Gasser... but please hold the diff cups!!!!!![]