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Default Ace Allstar Bipe

This was the second plane for one of my students and I would not recommend it unless you are an advanced pilot. I ended up doing most of the flying on the plane for him and it was a real handful! It had a vicious tendency to snap during landing and had to be landed HOT.

The main problem was due to excessive weight as he had a K&B .20 sportster, and full size radio gear crammed into the plane. I did check the CG, control throws, wing incidence, etc. and everything seemed ok. Add to that a very tempermental K&B .20 resulting in multiple dead sticks, and it was not a good experience. After several crashes and repairs, the plane basically became unflyable.

If you kept it light, it would probably fly acceptably. Also, the upper wing attachment method with the music wire seemed very heavy for the plane.