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Default Ace Allstar Bipe

We had two All Stars, both built from RCM plans with the store bought Ace tapered wings. One had an OS .10 and mine had a
Fox .15. First flight on the .10 resulted in a lot of tail wagging followed by a crash that wiped out the cabane struts. It was rebuilt and later flown OK. Mine flew well thanks to trails and tribulations on the .10. At first they were hand launched, then I tried a ROG with the same results on take off problems, and crashed it trying to catch up with it. Finally I pointed it into the wind and let it run till it took off by itself wth no problems...go figure! After that every flight was pure pleasure. Landings were a learning experience also, but as mentioned earlier, it had to be brought down like a Mustang, hot. I literally wore it and the engine out. Then I enlarged the plans and built a .40 size All Star and with a borrowed Enya .40 had a plane that was something else. I used standard equipment in both. Build it as specified, but go with the constant chord wings, I think you'll like it better.
If you haven't seen the plans yet, you're gonna like the cabane
structure...eash and solid. Gotta go. I'm going to dig out the old plans and start on another .40 size as due to a mishap I now have a spare .40 looking for a home. Enjoy...