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Default RE: Help out a newbie!!!

It appears to be a flat orange. If you want it to "POP" (look brighter) back it with white! If you want it to look deeper, back it with black!

That looks to be a very simple but great first paint job! You could pull that off with rattle cans if you wanted to.
Your question about the masking.
Take this stuff, [link=http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/div/div3010.htm]LINK HERE[/link], apply it on the inside of the body, and put plenty on... the more the better. I apply three heavy coats. Then draw your image on the outside of your body with a sharpie, if your body doesn't have a layer of protective film on the outside, use Rubbing alcohol to get the image off after your done painting. Use a exacto blade and lightly cut the liquid masking and pull up the desired area to paint. It doesn't bleed like masking tape can. Remember to protect your paint job after you're all done painting. I use Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel and put three light coats of that on to protect my paint job from nitro fuel.

Hope this helps you!
LMK if you any other questions!