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Default RE: Is it me or has Monokote's quality gone down????

I covered several models back in the late 80's and early 90's and was able to get the wrinkles out with Monokote. I have covered 2 models this year and both times gotten so mad at the crappy Monokote I have ripped it off and started over again only to get just as bad results the next time.. This stuff sucks.. Just like so many things anymore, they tried to make it cheaper and quality went out the window.

I get the same issues every time. I can pull tight from front to back on the Fuselage, then tack top and bottom equally with some tension then work over all the seams to seal it and see very few wrinkles. Then I use the heat gun to work out those little wrinkles and I get a PERMANENT wrinkle front to back. IT WAS NOT THERE BEFORE USING THE HEAT GUN!!! Isn't this stuff supposed to SHRINK when heated, not expand into a lump?

I am SO mad at this crap.. I just wish they would bring Carl Goldberg SuperCoat back.. That stuff was great. You could leave all kinds of wrinkles in it and still pull them out with the heat gun.

I'm about 30 seconds from removing all the covering AGAIN and going on a search for Silk and Dope or some usable means of covering.

Does anyone have any clues or ways to work around these issues with Monokote other than ironing it on with a Cloths iron over the entire surface rather than tacking the edges? Any recommendations other than Ultracoat?