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Default DX7 Receiver problem or safety feature!!!

Hello again Danny,

I have a small problem with this DX7 receiver, let me know if it is some kind of a built in safety feature instead of a problem.

I fly a high powered electric plane which does have a Medusa Research Universal BEC since it is going to run on 3S, 4S, and 5S lipoly.

I noticed that after I first plug the battery in and hear a beep, if I do not touch any controls on the transmitter for a while, Receiver will stop responding to any and all inputs.

It did it 3 times back to back late at night before my maiden flight, then I called Horizon. While on the phone I was not able to recreate the problem. I thought I might have been too tired and I was not sure of my self.

Today on 2nd day of flying, it did it in front of my friend.

I plugged in the battery with trans on full throttle; we talked for a little while. I then pulled the throttle stick all the way down to arm system and hear the second beep from my Castle Creations 80A ESC. But nothing it made no noise. I moved the elevator and aileron (ELEVONS)....no movement, no throttle either.

We both looked at the two receivers and they had their lights on, so there was power going to the receivers. So this time I was not dreaming and had a witness. He flies the same plane with DX6.

What gives.......Is that a safety feature.....?

For now I believe that once I plug the battery in and make any movement of the sticks before too long that I will be all right. Hoping that it does not affect me in flight.

I am also running the MEDUSA Research OPTO Isolator on the throttle Ch.
The UBEC is plugged in the battery port of receiver.
There are (2) hitec 85MG servos on this 1100+W Stryker.

Please tell me what you think.