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Welp.....i spent the last few weeks doing research on 50cc engines , and have read completely through this thread and the "taurus owner's" thread. I also did a ton of research on the DA , BME (which i almost was going to get) along with the "is it ever going to come out" BME 55 , the ZDV and a few other's...........and i have decided to go with the Taurus 52!!

I don't think i have ever read so many good compliments on a single engine or the company that makes them than all the good info i have read hear on these taurus engines. I have not even seen one run or flown in a plane. BOB......you should be a paid spokes person. you are definetly one happy customer. i have read through just about every single thread considering taurus , and you guys are right.....i couldn't find one bad thing that had been said about these motor's. in that regards , i just got done writting taurus a small email , wanting the price on the T-52 and exaust. I'm going to mounting it up onto a smaller 30% AM (sd-models) Yak.

have any of you had experince with this combo? If i remeber right , i thought i had read that someone had , but i don't remember which thread it was.

any advice you guys can give me would be great1 thanks for all the info guys.