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Default RE: TESTED......New JETPRO V3 Pipe on the Baja 5B....!!


ORIGINAL: buggymangp

hey bob
i`m glad you like our track. nice meeting you yesterday.
BTW. thats a nice workshop you have there. almost as nice as mine..
Yeah Glen, You too. Thanks for the invite. I will be there again for sure.....Thinkin about maybe puttin some snow fence on the top of that berm so we don't go swimming. Funny, the guy that did yesterday laughed at me when I said that I can get some and put it up. He said no way I want it without, if they go in the water, it's better for business....! I didn't care for that remark. I guess he had it comming....LOL
hey bob
that was tony. thats why when i run there. i don`t get nowhere near that water. every sunday somebody puts their
car in the drink.