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Default RE: DX7 Receiver problem or safety feature!!!

MY BEC is a brand new unit (2A 6V) and it must be powering just fine, because like I said before the light was on both receivers.

I have flows 3 days with 2 flights per day on this completely new plane/parts.

There have been no other issues except for what I reported. Not even a slight RPM variation/surge that I hear some other people's electric planes have.

For the moment, I feel the plane is safe...I Just unplug the main battery pack and after reconnecting it, I make sure to move anything on the transmitter before too long. In practice I have only been moving elevator/aileron/throttle since my plane is a 3 CH. delta wing.
Radared at 111MPH on 3S and I'm sure 4S was about 125MPH or more, 5S in near future.

Any new ideas Danny, what do you want us to do next time this happens. What do you want us to look for and to help diagnose?