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Default RE: *** CLUB SUPER TIGRE ***


OK, everyone is complaining about ST Carbs....

Has anyone married a 3rd-party carb to one of these? I have a ST G-45 that I'd like to use again, but of course it also had the transition problems. I agree that when they run sweet, they are a beautiful engine.

Does anyone have any actual experience with 3rd-party carbs on any ST's??



Of course they have. There have been lots of articles on RCU Engines Glow describing the use of Magnum, Perry, OS and MVVS carbs on Super Tigre engines.

It would be nice if Super Tigre went back to equipping their engines with carbs based upon the old designs and throat sizes. Back in the days of utilizing small toothpick props, the larger throat carbs were very good. Today when most folks are flying either 3D or are running large props in order to quiet down the noise signature, a return to lower air flow/higher suction carbs is due.

Ed Cregger