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Default Are the Magazines history?

The only magazine I ever had a subscription to was AMA and that was because it came with the package. never liked it much. My main beef with it was Dr Frank, his column was always full of Texas events and rarely anything from New Mexico. We would send him some good stuff al the time and zippo. I would read the others like man and RC report that was laying around somewhere in a store or at the field. The only thing I found beneficial from it was I didn't have to pay for it.

Looking at this objectively is what does any of the magazines offer that you cannot find on the internet and especially here on RCU. I recall being a member of RC Online and getting invited here a few years back. RCU did it right and has basically cornered the market when it comes to Radio Control information. Only 10 years ago, the internet was weak and information was obtained primarily through magazines. RC Magazines are becoming obsolete. It's all about the advertising buck and no substance. Adding fuel to the fire is it's too late, the bridge has been burned

You can bet that every single group of RC flyers in the US and other parts of the world have at least one person who is a member and spreading the word. Any article in any magazine is subject to question--but you cannot ask!. Here you can and get more experienced replies and a variety that may fit the bill instead of a simple reply your stuck with. It's a sign of the times.

Magazines are selling advertising to third rate cheap crap companies which we can slam and give a true review on right here. With regards to distributors and magazines, I really believe as modelers and RCU members, we're getting control of ther overall market. Magazines are going to have to come up with a 180 degree plan to keep up or they will go down hard and sadly, not even missed.

One area here is the "personal touch" between everyone when talking about up and coming events like "hey call me" or giving specifics on who what where and when. That "Revvers" Fly in a couple months back-if kept simple can turn into something real good over the next few years and all by word of mouth.