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Default RE: Are the Magazines history?

Excellent point.

MA used to be the primary source of information regarding AMA events and going's on. But.....
since RCU, RCgroups, and many others have risen to epic proportions and have content far surpassing any of the magazines....they are wasted paper.

There is not one single piece of information in MA that you cant get online somewhere. The AMA website at modelaircraft.org has a complete calendar of all upcoming AMA events, there are far more useful tips, tricks, and articles regarding model aviation online then there are currently in the magazine. NATS scoring and other event scoring can be found in many places online, along with District information. So in reality, the magazine has outlived its usefulness.

This has been debated strongly many times before.

In my opinion, the AMA should eliminate the magazine altogether, and perhaps focus those funds towards a collaboration with RCU or use them elsewhere where they are more needed.