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Default RE: Are the Magazines history?

I think the magazines are handy for a lot of people still. There is at least some quality control to the articles. Can information be found online that's as good or better? You bet, but there's a catch--the reader has to sort the wheat from the chaff on their own. Sometimes the signal to noise ratio gets pretty bad, and sometimes the people who speak the loudest don't have a clue as to what they're talking about. Check out the Glow Engines forum here, for instance!

What I would like to see, and perhaps pay for, would be a magazine that does away with the product brochures that they call reviews and focuses more on practical information. Interesting projects that everyday modelers take on, editorials that impart some knowledge/wisdom rather than tongue-waging (I know, sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between the two), and a focus on the problems and issues that often come up in modeling. How to build in small areas, practical radio programming and engine advice, how to interest the household 6 in the hobby (or compromise...). Maybe a building series for the un-motivated modeler, like me.

There is still room for magazines, but they need to differentiate themselves from what is available online.