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Default RE: Are the Magazines history?

ORIGINAL: Strawhat Mike

ORIGINAL: Cyclic Hardover

I would read the others like man and RC report that was laying around somewhere in a store or at the field. The only thing I found beneficial from it was I didn't have to pay for it.
If that doesn't make you sympathize with the magazines I don't know what does....

Magazines are selling advertising to third rate cheap crap companies which we can slam and give a true review on right here.
That's cuz many folks don't pay for the magazines. See above.

Well there may be a "slam" in here somwwhere but with my torn shoulder and the drugs I'm taking until surgery, I guess I don't really care eh?[sm=spinnyeyes.gif][sm=spinnyeyes.gif][sm=spinnyeyes.gif][sm=lol.gif][sm=lol.gif][sm=lol.gif][sm=lol.gif]