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Default RE: Are the Magazines history?

My wife is a librarian. For a while, there was a genuine fear amongst librarians that the explosion of the internet would do away with the need for libraries. After all, you could get whatever information you needed online, right? You could download books online, right?

Well, as it turned out the fear was unfounded. The libraries are more popular than ever. Circulation (books loaned out) is up higher than ever. Ironically, the library also has internet terminals (my wife was completely responsible for setting these up in the city she works in) and they are extremely popular. So anyway, the pont is that the internet did not make books and libraries fade away.

I don't thnk it is going to happen to magazines either. For the same reasons, I.E. in my case it is just nice sometimes to flip through the pages of a magazine. To hold it in your hand while reclining in a comfy chair or sitting on the crapper.

Also, for me personally, the magazine is a monthly glossy color brochure of the latest r/c products that have been manufactured. I like that. That is basically why I subscribe anymore. It works for me.

If the magazines did not have the big advertisers paying them they would go away. I realize the reviews are slanted for that reason. I also keep in mind, it is one mans opinion.