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Default RE: hinge slot cutter

Here's two tips for you...

1) Get the little red plastic guide for the Slot Machine. The slot Machine is one of the best tools to hit this hobby in the last 10 years, but it can be tricky to use until you get the feel for it. The red plastic guide helps a LOT.

2) Do NOT put CA Hinges in a spot where a CA hinge was before. Move it over to the area just next to the old hinge. The reason for this is simple - Thin CA (Which is the ONLY type of glue to use on these hinges) needs a porous surface to wick into. The hinges are porous, and the balsa is porous, so it works well for this application. But once a CA hinge has been attached to an area, the old CA has filled the pores in the wood, so it is no longer porous and the glue will adhere to the hinge, but not to the wood (At least it won't adhere properly) and can result in a catastrophic hinge failure